Leader material tests.

So I’ve decided to try using a different leader material other than wire leaders.  Pike are known for cutting standard mono with their teeth and hit alot of the same baits I walleye fish with.  However the walleye can be gear skiddish and I may be missing some bites due to the wire leader.  Instead I am trying out fluorocarbon and heavy lb test mono. 

It works, the leader can handle big pike no problem and seems to out produce traditional wire leader in catch rate.

Walleye fire

Fishing has been crazy good for walleyes, went out Wednesday and Saturday and got limits of average 18 in fish.  Water temp is 63 and we were fishing in 10 ft of water with slow lindy rigged worms.  Weather had been varied with some warmth, rain, and wind. 

Lake has cleared enough!

I have been out to Lunds landing a few times in the past week and have managed to do well on walleye, pike, and white bass.  The water has finally cleared a bit and the fish are biting.  Lindys have been doing well in red, copper, and sometimes green in 9-14 ft of water.  Really need to move and target active fish on dropoffs.  Pike have been hitting raps and sometimes the spinners too.  Here is a few links to the videos of the trips!


Went to try catfishing on the river today.  It’s near the end of July which apparently is catfish spawn here. River temp is right at 65-70 degrees and the only fish I could catch was bullhead. I assume they are holed up in their nests, it will be another few weeks before they are biting again.

Fishing for bass

Went out to Kota-Ray for some post spawn bass. As expected they were hanging under the cattail shelf that surrounds that lake.  Did well using a Texas rig firetiger colored soft plastic crawfish.  Also tried to catch some perch.  Marked a bunch over the main lake flats but all I could catch were less than 6 inches.  They may be eating mayfly hatches since they seem to be avoiding structure.  Next time I will have to try minnows for the bigger ones.  Have a minnow colored gulp bait a try, got a few hits but wasn’t able to hook one.  I was using a surf style rig with the weight on the bottom and 2 hooks off the main line.  Water temp was upper 60s but not crazy warm. 




Took the yak out to ray to fish McLeod for a first.  Lake is real shallow north of the bridge but the south side is like one big pit that maxes out near 30.  Water was warm at 70.  Caught about a dozen 2 foot or less pike using a jig head and gulp minnow bait.  Was looking for perch and walleye and marked a bunch at 9-10 feet right at the edge of the weeds. Only managed one bitter though on a slip bobber and worm but it was a huge perch.  13 inches long, if I could get a mess of them that would be great.  It was bright and sunny and very calm, may have better luck on a cloudy day. 




Hunting the perch.

Took the yak out for the first time this year to Kota-Ray.  Was targeting yellow perch but only brought worms.  Managed to find some at about 10 to 15 foot of water on the main lake point but couldn’t seem to catch any of any size.  Trout were all over the surface but none caught. I also didn’t get any bass but didn’t really try.  Weather was warm, in the 70s and sunny.

Whopper catfish

So this spring I went out to west spring lake park because I heard they stocked eater sized trout and catfish in there.  Low and behold on nothing but bobber and earthworm I catch a 15 lb 34.5 inch catfish! I bet this monster has been lurking for some time. Date was May 6th on an overcast and cool day.


Spring update

So far this spring came early. I have heard reports of smelt starting to run on the lake by lunds landing.  Walleye by Newtown have been good but on this end its been real slow. Not a lot of reports but last weekend I went out and got a few pike, one being 12 lbs but I think was half spawned out. Also caught a ling, all in about 10-15 ft of water.  Temp have been solid for about a week now so water temp should be up, I’ll check this weekend if I go out. No melt yet from the river so lake levels are  real low.