Late spring eyes

Walleye have been biting great the past week. Went out Thursday and got 5. All of the fish are shallow, 6-10 feet of water or even lesd. Got 3 of them on a yellow and silver clackin-rap but worms on lindys did well too. Weather has been really warm and water is pretty muddy but they don’t seem to mind. Surface temp was 60 degrees or more.
No pictures sorry.

Smelt run

Smelt started running on friday and should continue all week. I checked the muddy yesterday and saw nothing but was curious.  Some big pike were also caught this week out at lunds, 19 lbers. 

Also today is opening day of paddle fishing, will post more about that later.

Update on spring

Went out yesterday, water temp were around 51 degrees, didn’t get any walleyes nd the general was a slow bite. Did get 2 white bass and they seemed active.  Tried on lake side of point in lewis and clark for crappie but no luck, might try shallows this weekend.


Went out a week ago from shore at Lewis and clark and did well, fish were holding in about 3 or 4 feet of water, and catfish were ravanous!

First day in boat!

Took Rooke’s boat out today for first time. Ice came off of this end of the lake about a week ago.  Fished in about 8-10 feet of water at 50 degrees. Managed two good walleye and a slab crappie. Jigging powerbait minnows with a slow retrieve worked well along with dead sticking a minnow below the boat.  Water was super brown but they still seem capable of finding food.
As far as spawn goes, neither of the eyes had eggs but they may have been males idk.  Crappie may start spawning soon so I need to watch for that. 


Spring update

A little late but here is the info. Muddy opened up about 3-4 weeks ago. I think pike may have spawned under ice due to the warm spell earlier.  Walleye have been up in the muddy for spawning but I’m unsure of their stage.  Lake just opened up this weekend. 
Yesterday I caught 2 post spawn pike, 2 catfish and several shiners.  Tomorrow I’m heading to the lake to check it out but I know the water is brown so we shall see. 

Pike on the ice

Went out again yesterday looking for pike. Started inside the bay near the point at about 13 ft. Managed one smaller male right away but then nothing so we moved to the mouth of the bay in about the same depth of water and we’re immediately rewarded. Hooked up and missed a few, Rooke had a nice one on that we lost at the bottom of the hole.
Then I managed this dandy of a fish. 15 lbs 38 inches on a pink and white spoon tipped with a whole minnow.
The bite was really good right at sunset.  Weather was blue skies and mid 30s it was unusually warm.



Catching pike

Well no where is biting good, but I’ve found pike in lewis and clark bay.  The bay is at 14 ft of water and the pike seem to be cruising through.  Marked alot of fish and was able to call them in with a thumping rap and caught one on it. Otherwise today smelt was king with all of our hits and fish coming on smelt, except one.  Water was cold, 10-15, with snow in the morning and clearing in the afternoon.  Bite was mostly at evening, coming after 4 and sunset at 6.



Midwinter update

Have been out fishing the last two weekends with little to moderate success. General description of weather, it has been really warm with temp in the 30s.  Still lots of snow on all the lakes though.
  Lewis and clark has been basically dead for walleyes but I have been able to pick up pike right at sunset at the opening of the bay in 14 feet of water. 3 weeks ago I caught a monster 42 in 19 lb fish!


Otherwise trenton has been slow, a few fish here and there with the best bite in the morning.  Went out today to the point at the bend and fished that shelf picking up 5 total but bite was basically dead by noon. 
Kota ray was crazy with people. There were perch biting on wax worms and minnows but no size and too many people.
Also caught this guy at lunds in 14 feet. Lake whitefish, my first, kinda cool. 


Leader material tests.

So I’ve decided to try using a different leader material other than wire leaders.  Pike are known for cutting standard mono with their teeth and hit alot of the same baits I walleye fish with.  However the walleye can be gear skiddish and I may be missing some bites due to the wire leader.  Instead I am trying out fluorocarbon and heavy lb test mono. 

It works, the leader can handle big pike no problem and seems to out produce traditional wire leader in catch rate.