Kota Ray 8/17/17

Well went out in rooke’s boat to Kota-Ray again today to mixed success. We did managed some nice perch off of the weed edge across from the back fishing dock and got a few small walleye there as well but no big bass. Weather was odd with cooler temps, cloudy, and a storm passed that seemed to shut them down. The smaller spinner jig bait worked well as did minnows on slip bobber and dead stick jigging. Overall not a bad day but not great. Also manged a trout and a nice bluegill.

River Catfishing

Went out on the Missouri River today in the yak in search of catfish. We are one week out from the catfish clash so I was hoping to find some nice cats. Put the yak in and paddled down the end of the sandbar that starts under the Lewis and Clark bridge. There was great structure and current there, with good eddies and some good split in the river chanel but I wasn’t able to put any big fish together. Found a lot of really small cats and a few shiner mostly on worm with only one hit on cut frozen white sucker and a few taps on the smelt. Weather has been nice with 75-85 high temps. I talked to some game and fish guys and they said that the cats basically spawn all season randomly as long as the water is at or above 70 so who knows where they are hiding. May need to try slower slack water next ti.e instead of deep faster pools. Water depth was around 9-12 feet in some places so it was a deep hole.

Kota-Ray on Fire

Had another amazing day at Kota-Ray for bass. Ended up catching more bass than I can count, most being in the 1\2 to 1 lb range. But did end up with 3 nice ones at 15, 16, and 17 inches long. Also caught some nice bluegills at 9 inches long! Overall the fishing for the smaller fish was great on a little spinner rig with a small jig head and a small powerbait minnow. The big bass were deep, right off the weed edge and all caught on bass jigs tipped with soft plastics. The blue black jig was the ticket however I did not try another one. Also manged some good sized yellow perch on the spinner rig, might be time to bring some home again!

Kayak Bassin Kota-Ray 

Had a great day out on Kota Ray today. Went out in the yak looking for bass and I found some, eventually. Started in the usual spots throwing a chatter bait and got one small one. Then switched to a buzz bait and got an almost identical fish. Then switched to a spinner bait and got another one of the same. However I switched to a Texas rig black worm with red sparkles and that was the ticket, got 2 nice bass at 16 and 17 inches back to back and decided to call it there! Weather was nice, cool but warming after the last two days of cold and rain so that’s a thing. Little wind from the east but less than 10 mph. Had Sam with so got some great pictures! Yellow perch were all over in the bay areas and some were of good size. 

Catfish on

Well I think the fish are just coming out of spawn and are biting again. Managed to get one at the Lewis and Clark bridge in relatively deep water on smelt.  It was the first day of warming weather after 2 straight days of rain a cold. Nice fish though in the 3-4 lb range.

White Earth fishing

Went to white earth bay today. Water was same quality as lunds so I am not sure it is worth the trip. Managed to get 3 keeper walleye in 9 ft of water or so. Weather has taken a cool dip with some rain last few days so that may have pushed them shallow. Caught them on worms with no spinner was best.


Went out fishing at Lunds today along the rocks hoping for some eyes, didn’t find any but as the wind shifted and came up we did find some frenzy feeding white bass and a great time was had. I even managed to get 2 on one rattletrap! They really like the silver with green top on Sakakawea. Some were really good size at 2 lbs and change. 

Fly fishing Montana

Went on a vacation this week to Missoula Montana to, among other things, go fly fishing! When I get there I find out almost all the rivers are blown out due to flooding, bummer indeed. The one place that was supposedly doing well was Rock Creek.  So I head that way and find that river to also be flooding however the water is still relatively clear. The word was the bite was supposed to be on salmon flies as they were the big hatch at the time. I did find one, check it out!


They are big! So the fly of choice to immitate these is a floating salmon fly.


Now I fishes this for awhile with a small dropper San Juan worm below it to no avail. I spent my first day struggling with the high water and snags and low ammount of usual trout terratory. However did get some sweet photos


The next day I read up a bit and switched strat to running a long legs nymph that simulates the salmon fly nymph, with a San Juan worm trailor.


The river also seemed a bit lower and having explored the first day I was able to concentrate a bit more on smaller sections of the river.  This paid off in a more comfortable fishing experience and allowed me to locate smaller hole the fish might hide in. 
I located a log in the stream, an offshoot of the main river, that gave a good eddy to it.  Using my long legs pattern I flicked it up into the eddy and saw a flash of silver! Finally a fish! A few more attempts later and I was hooked up. He was not a big rainbow but a fish non the less and my first montana trout on the fly!


Also had a cool encounter with a snake, because he was hungry to and hunting in the flooded grass.


All in all it was a frustrating start to my fly fishing but ended up art least with me not getting skunked!